As the mobile network providers in the USA are rolling out their faster and next generation technologies for their users, the devices supporting the newer networks are also getting released. The Sprint MiFi 4082 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot is one such device. It is a solid device but its 4G speeds are not exactly stellar. The MiFi 4082 is available for $80 and Sprint offers a two-year contract as well. The router has useful features for the users. It has GPS and ahs wireless N standard as well. It also functions well as a network storage device.

The device is among the smallest mobile routers in the segment. The device has a LCD that indicates network status and battery condition. For 3G and 4G it shows signals in different colors and red light glows when there is any problem in the network. It can be charged using a computer thanks to its microUSB port. The microSD slot accommodates external memory cards. It supports up to 5 devices at once.

It starts up within 20 seconds and connects to the internet as well. There is a web interface for enabling the network access feature and changing the settings of the device. The inclusion of GPS is a nifty feature more so for the frequent travellers. As for the users who are paranoid about security features, the MiFi 4082 offers both WPA and WEP encryption. When the device is connected to a PC, it supports tethering.

The users can relax as the device is very user friendly. The first time you connect it to a PC the setup runs automatically. From next time the computer gets connected to cellular internet network. The MiFi 4082 can perform as both a wireless router and a modem at the same time, which is handy. It is speedy but cannot beat the 4G routers of Verizon.

Microsoft the Redmond based software giant which dominates the majority of computer OS market with its popular Windows lineup is all set to release the first official service pack for Windows 7. It is the latest OS from the software behemoth. The Senior Technical Product Manager of Windows Server as well as cloud segment of the company Micheal Kleef wrote in a blog post two days back that the Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 are going to be released. If the industry buzz is to be believed then the Windows 7 SP1 is going to hit the shelves on February 22nd 2011. With Windows 7 Microsoft was able to manage the detractors who lashed out at it for launching the bloated and sluggish OS named Vista. Windows 7 is much faster, sleek and efficient OS than its predecessor and it also has less vulnerability issues than both XP and Vista.

The question that may strike you first is that do we really need a service pack for Windows 7? It works smoothly for most purposes and the periodical hotfixes and security patches released by Microsoft are quite adequate for securing your PC running Windows 7. The answer to this question is the SP1 will not change your experience of working in Windows 7 dramatically. However, it makes sense to download and install the service pack because it packs in all earlier updates into one bundle. This is ideal for those buyers who are buying a new Windows 7 PC.

Needless to say after installing the SP1 you will get better performance and stability in your OS, or so Microsoft claims! Actually Microsoft is focusing more on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. The latter brings features like RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory. Windows 7 has sold well and even Corporate customers who were annoyed with Vista have begun upgrading their systems to Windows 7.

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